The Walk is a mulched path in a wooded area along the flood plain of the Big Thompson River.  The Savage Woods, LLC has made reasonable accommodations for the woods to be accessible, however, the Walk is a mulched path through a wooded area in a flood plain.  Concreting, paving or making a more permanent trail is disproportionality costly for this temporary event.

Please no pets. This policy will be STRICTLY ENFORCED.  A dog whose sole purpose is to provide emotional support, comfort, or companionship is not a service animal and it will be excluded from the property.  It is a crime under Colorado’s criminal code to intentionally misrepresent that an animal is a service animal or to intentionally misrepresent that a person is entitled to a service animal so please leave your pet at home.

Please note- Service animals for persons with disabilities, as defined under the ADA, are not pets.